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Sunday, September 18, 2022

Bavarian 5th Light Infantry Detachment

The Bavarians needed a little skirmish support now that they have artillery, infantry and cavalry, so to the rescue comes the Bavarian 5th light Infantry.  Knotel has a fabulous illustration of the 5th, which went a long way to helping me prioritize this unit, not to mention the small number of figures required!  The figures are primarily Der Kriegspieler, (2xDK 175, 5xDK 174 with plume added), though the officer is Hinton Hunt (BVN 6) and the trumpeter a converted Hinton Hunt/Dave Clayton figure from BVN 7?.

Skirmish order

Recently I was able to host a game to celebrate my birthday.  The game was an excuse to ply good friends with food and wine, and also to get all of my toys on the battlefield.  The British may a good effort to hold their own, but in truth the deck was a bit stacked against them and the French were able to gain the advantage on both flanks, rendering the center untenable.  Some nice pictures of the game can be found here thanks to David R. and his excellent camera work:


The crew minus David R., our illustrious photographer.  Could not have spent the day with a better group of folks.  I only wish I had gotten a picture of Beans, the goofy pup who came to visit, smooshing his head against the back door.  I guess he wanted some ham too!


The real impetus for the celebration was a giant Serrano ham accompanied by Spanish tapas - We are still working through the leftovers!

 Lastly a small teaser for my next post - the 7th Chevau-Legere / Vistula Lancers


  1. The Bavarians are looking very spiffy indeed, and the lancer is exquisite!

    1. Thanks Matthew. They were a fun little project. For the Vistula Uhlans we had quite different interpretations of the guidon, and truthfully I have no idea which is more likely. To me the base color looked to be a gold silk, but that could just have been the age of the fabric. I wish I had realized this before all of the paintwork was done and I would have given you a call!

  2. Great job on the Bavarians, red lining on the top and the bottom of the collar!

    1. Funny thing is that only after publishing the pictures did I realize I forgot to line the crossbelts where they overlapped. That makes a huge difference to the look of the figure and is now done!

  3. Marvellous stuff David…
    You have been a busy fellow…

    The Polish Lancer is a cracker…

    All the best. Aly

  4. I can handle being busy with painting and playing. It's this work stuff that gets in the way! ;) I just got the lancers mounted on their bases so hopefully this weekend I can feature the whole regiment.