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Sunday, November 18, 2018

Alberken Craziness

Found these on ebay recently and thanks to a trade, may swap a box of Russians for the Austrians to bolster my Russian forces.  Unfortunately they come in boxes of twenty, and I am unlikely to ever find unpainted Alberken miniatures to fill them out to a full battalion of 24.  I think I have some DK figures that I could convert into standard bearers and NCOs, but of course the challenge will be to mimic the painting style and aged finish of the originals.

The photo on top is of 2 mint condition boxes of Austrians and Russian Grenadiers (the excessive yellowing is a product of bad photography - though I will say the white paint has yellowed somewhat).  With luck I'll swap the Austrians for the Russian line battalion in the second photo (really having no use for Austrians in my army at present).  Have to love trying to make use of these old veterans!


  1. What a fantastic find.
    Never fear, David, they do turn up from time to time, and in the States too more often than not!

    1. Thanks WM. I'll keep my eyes peeled for us both!

  2. I do have a soft spot for Alberken figures as these were some of the first figures I bought from a shop in Wimbledon.

    I have no idea how you would get the yellowing effect of old varnish. Good luck with the swap.

  3. Thanks Mark. Hadn't thought of trying to get rid of the yellowing of the varnish. Don't know if a layer of new varnish would soften the old and perhaps clear the yellowing. Anyone have any experience with this?

  4. David just found your blog again - I was wracking my brains to recall what it was called! I lost all my favourites when I had a fatal hard drive error on my PC but I'm back with new one and loving the Alberkens. I really hope you manage the swap and get another 8 to complete two full battalions. Also interested in your 40mm LotR - however mine are all 20mm and not going to repeat it in another scale - mine will be getting a run out this weekend, must send you some photos some time if I can find your address.

  5. Thanks Rob. Can't imagine losing all the stuff we have on our hard-drive. My son is in charge of all the back-ups, so I really hope he has us covered. I think actually I may be able to add DK figures as standard bearers and NCOs and finish up the battalions. Sizewise I think they are a good mix, so will just depend on my skill as a painter. Look forward to reading your battle reports!