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Saturday, December 1, 2018

New Battalion - Fusilier-Chasseurs of the Middle Guard

For some time I have been debating how to paint a battalion of DK-16s, and have finally arrived at my decision and the painting has begun.  The sculpting on the DK16s is appropriate for the Fusilier-Chasseurs, with epaulets and gaiters as well as the obligatory plume.  For command I have a selection from the French command pack, as well as an authorized recast of a sappeur by Jon Cunnigham.  Unfortunately, due to an earlier error on my part, the poor gentleman has been through two head transplants, and finally found himself with the head of my one and only spare Dutch Grenadier.  I have also discovered, thanks to the inspiration and excellent work of Wellington Man on his battalion of young guard Voltigeurs, that the flags of the young and middle guard did not bear an eagle.

 Only the Grenadier regiments were given that honor, so I replaced the cast on flag with a plain spear as the pole, and will add a paper flag as the final step.  No fizzy can flags for me - I will leave that to the experts!

The commander of the Fusilier-Chasseurs during the 1812 campaign was Major Pierre-Francois Vrigny, who died in January of 1813.  I have decided to represent him with a modern figure by Art-Miniaturen.  It is a lovely sculpt and seems appropriate for a commander in the Imperial Garde.

In addition to the Fusilier-Chasseurs, I was fortunate enough, thanks to WM, to be part of an auction that included 16 original Hinton Hunt elite Voltigeur firing.  I can't begin to express my thanks for the chance to get these exquisite figures.  I am torn as to whether I want to hold on to them until such a time as I can find a few more to finish the battalion, or to mix them with some very nice elite Voltigeur charging DK figures.  While the DKs are quite nice, next to the Hinton Hunts they are petite.  I will say the idea of mixing poses for Voltigeurs has some appeal, and I am considering flanking a DK figure with two firing Hinton Hunts on each stand of three, perhaps with the addition of added height to the base to minimize the size difference.  I would love to hear from folks with opinions on the matter.

Thanks for stopping by my blog and hope you enjoyed.  Look forward to your comments as the project progresses.


  1. Dave, I'd put money on those HH voltigeurs being FN 94 Marines of the Guard 1804/15, firing. Whatever they are, what a fantastic find.

    I can't wait to see your Fusilier Chasseurs!
    Best regards

  2. Thanks WM. I noticed the position of the rifle is slightly different than the Voltigeurs in your blog, so have no doubt you are correct. Now I will have to look up the uniform and compare. Thanks for the heads up.


    1. Indeed you are correct WM. While the numbering on the bases is almost impossible to read, the lace of the trousers and lack of tails on the jacket could be nothing else. I am embarrassed to say I completely missed that! In that case I have just enough left over DK 16s to combine the other DKs I had intended to use as Voltigeurs to form a battalion. As to how or when I will ever be able to find marines of the guard command and a few more marines I have no idea!

  3. I often mix different poses in my units where I have just one or two odd ones as I hate to leave out vintage figures where I have them. It all adds to the character of the unit. I look forward to seeing these completed!

  4. Thanks Stryker, Voltigeur in particular seem appropriate for a mix of figures, though as WM points out above, what I have here are Seamen of the Imperial Garde. Not to worry though, I have some others that can round out the battalion of Voltigeurs. Now just have to find some more Seamen/Marines of the Imperial Garde!

  5. The Hinton Hunt Vintage Wargame Figures Imperial Guard Marines had some engineers mixed in which looked very effective, see:

    Mixing in extra figures can always be changed in future if the opportunity presents. In the meantime I like the look of the Fusilier-Chasseurs who appear to be seeking someone to stick those bayonets into. Best of all though is the horse that Vrigny is riding, it's a great sculpt, is it also Art-Miniaturen?

  6. Rob,

    I had not seen that post yet. Thanks for the link!
    You have an excellent point about future changes to a unit, though usually after I glue them to the base and add that last coat of varnish, I wouldn't want to monkey with them.

    The horse and Rider representing Vrigny are both from Art Miniaturen, but is actually a personality figure for another guard commander whose name escapes me at the moment.