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Sunday, December 9, 2018

Alberken Staff Set and Shake up in Command

I recently saw this Alberken staff set on eBay going for a reasonable price so I picked them up, mostly out of curiosity, because I knew I could only use the French staff set.  I believe we have Napoleon, Murat, Ney and Eugene.  For the British it appears to be Old Nosey himself, with Picton, Uxbridge and Hill.  I don't really have a use for the British staff set, so let me know if you could use them.  Also included were these odd SAE figures, which will get melted down unless someone tells me otherwise.  There is a certain simplistic charm in these old figures, but some of the paint is chipped, so I am debating whether to try and touch them up, or just start over again.

Not to long ago I received a splendid lot of Hinton recasts from J.C., and he included the figure of Murat as a freebie.  Was a fun surprise to realize I had both a vintage painted figure and a pristine unpainted figure as well.

 Also included in this lot were these Union of South Africa figures.

These were made by the Swedish African Engineering Company I believe (SAE), which I assume are not of any real value, but let me know if anyone wants them.  The paint is in rough shape.


Now on to my biggest conundrum.  I really need to be more thoughtful about my figure choices, and what I thought would be a good figure for representing Major Vrigny of the Fusilier Chasseurs, turned out to be a Colonel of the Garde Chasseurs, Baron Charles-Andre Meda.  It was only after painting his jacket French Blue, that I realized he had a cavalry saddle and cavalry trousers.  I'll paint him up appropriately, but now am at a loss for Major Vrigny.

Art Miniaturen Colonel Baron Charles-Andre Meda

Here is a portrait of Major Vrigny of the Fusilier-Chasseurs.

Image result for major vrigny napoleonic

What do you all think of the figure below for his representation?  Is this a reasonable figure if I loose the mustache but keep the mutton chops?  Should I leave him in the bicorne, or do a head swap and put him in a shako like his troops? 

Speaking of, here are the fusilier Chasseurs - coming along, but slowly.


  1. The SAE figures are definitely collectible- have a look on ebay. It would be a pity to melt them as someone will want them.

  2. Thanks,
    I'll hang on to them a bit and see if anyone is interested. If I ever get around to posting any lots on eBay, it certainly wouldn't hurt to throw them up there, just don't want to go through that effort if they are of minimal value.

  3. I should say that I am happy to send them to anyone who could use them without cost. That would certainly be better than melting them!

  4. SAE figures claimed by ColCampbell on TMP. Will send them your way.


  5. Fantastic! Hang on to the SAEs. Wargaming royalty, don'tcha know.

    You've made a great start on the Chasseurs. I look forward to seeing the completed unit.
    Best regards

  6. Those SAEs certainly have the look of wargaming Royalty, but happy to pass them on to someone who can give them some love. Already packed them up!

  7. After two failed attempts to comment from iPad I'm seated comfortably at my PC - technology, got to love it don't cha know...
    What I wanted to say about Vrigny and his headgear was to go with your favourite picture of him - if you don't have one with a hat then I'd either leave the bicorne in pace (I think they're stylish) or go with him bare-headed to try an reproduce the comb-forward fringe along with his mutton-chop whiskers.
    Also wanted to ask if there was any reason why Vrigny is your man?

  8. Thanks for the input Rob. I'm looking at Major Vrigny since he was the regimental commander during 1812, unfortunately he was a casualty of the campaign that January. Hadn't thought of trying my hand at loosing the hat and sculpting that mane. Interesting idea...

  9. Also meant to assure you that your rate of painting far exceeds my output at present - I've a HH Junot that been on the go for several months now!

    1. It's the curse of being married to a teacher. I have to do something in the evening to occupy my time while she is doing class prep. A man can only clean and cook so much....

  10. I have an original General Hill and a JC Murat in my collection. I use Murat as my Avatar.

    SAE figures have a pedigree of their own and I am pleased they are found a new home.

  11. Very nicely done! Love the Avatar. All of you gentlemen have opined about the SAE figures so much, that I decided to hang on to them and put them in a place of honor. I have contacted ColCampbell who was most understanding, and by way of an apology, and because I had already printed the shipping label, am preparing a care package. I had not realized the SAEs were really the progenitor of all of our modern 25s and 28s. I assume one is George Washington, the other Lawrence of Arabia I'm guessing, along with a royal horse guard.