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Tuesday, October 31, 2023

Vimeiro 1808 Test Match

 My good buddy Terry dropped by to help with testing out the deployment and balance of the Vimeiro battle the other day, and proved to me, that while challenging, the French can make a good go of taking the British position.  We didn't play it to conclusion, but the initial turns showed me a few tweaks that will be needed, which was the goal.  In the meantime, here are a few pictures of the action in classic black and white, befitting the old school armies:

Vimeiro village as the assault develops.

French battalions beginning the assault on Vimeiro Hill.

The assault develops and the British flank is threatened.

Run away!  The British Artillery is over-run and they abandon the guns!

A counter attack developing?

The French frontal assault was costly!

But will the flank fold under the pressure?

Increasing the pressure on the British line.

The reserve enters the fray, but are they just in time or too late...


  1. Excellent. I wish I still had my Der Kriegspielers from the early 70s. They looked a lot like Hinton Hunt.

  2. It was a collection of Der Kriegspieler miniatures that I found down in Augusta Georgia at the Seige of Augusta convention that started all of this madness!

  3. Splendid vintage …looking…stuff David…
    I can almost get the smell of old wargames magazines in the air 🤣

    All the best. Aly

    1. Better the smell of old wargames magazines in the air than old wargamers!

  4. I’m not sure I like being described as odious…. ;o)
    The trial run looks like something straight out of the Bruce Quarrie Airfix rule-set and really brings out the photographic benefits (in b&w) of paler green tables to make the units stand out. Lovely stuff!

    1. Apologies for that, I must have been speaking of myself! Sometimes the black and white really does make these battles shine, or maybe that is just the nostalgia kicking in. Regardless, thanks for the kind words and glad it struck a chord with you.

  5. This has all the right ingredients David!

    1. Let's hope this biscuit rises. Nothing worse than a hockey puck biscuit!