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Saturday, April 22, 2023

More Scrubyness - 1806 Prussians

Mike from Historifigs was kind enough to do a test casting of his Scruby 1806 Prussian mold.  These will be painted as Spanish.  Simple figures but I think we can do something special with them.

3144 and 3145 (Grenadier)

3141 and 3142 (Grenadier)

3146 (officer with sword) and 3147 (Listed in catalogue as 3178? Artilleryman)

3148C on trotting horse


  1. There are some classic old timers there David…
    A bit like you and me 😂

    All the best. Aly

    1. Hah! You could have left off that last part, though I fear it is true!

  2. Old School Cool, and no mistake. It's very pleasig ideed to see these. I do hope that Mike can be persuaded to cast up a few more.

    1. Mike has been great to work with and very generous with his time. Now it will be up to us to turn these classics into some fantastic looking regiments. Oh the pressure!